Phu Quoc – discovering landscapes in a long train

Soak up the sun and some Vietnamese culture onPhu Quoc Island, where white sands and tropical waters entice beachgoers from all over the globe. Snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing are the most popular water sports here, though jet-skiing, wind sailing and squid fishing—yes, squid fishing—are also at your vacationing fingertips. Check out the early-morning Ham ninh village for an authentic local experience

>> Explore the Island on a Motorbike

Temple and Beacon Cau – Fishermen hopes

Beacon is located on a cape in the river Duong Dong and points the way to the harbor for ships and boats. This place seems to be created for the contemplation. The divine view to the Long Beach’s golden sands, azure surf and fantastic sunset is supplemented by the quiet meditative rhythm of life of small fishing village located on the other side of the cape. A set of various chairs, placed at the foot of the beacon, invites everybody to rest, immersed in the peacefulness and calm. Here, in this extempore café, you can order for just 10,000 VND a delightful drink: sugarcane squeezed by intricate machine and served with plenty of ice.

An Thoi Port via viettravel

Phu Quoc Landscapes in a long train

What an excitement to race against the wind on the country road, following its dizzy turns and breathtaking sleep slopes. The multitude of the roads on the island resembles one another. The general progress of the island is reflected in its road map – sturdy, broad and high-speed highways replace little by little the dusty tracks. Enjoy the speed and a fair wind, blowing away the heat and fatigue, but also a variety of views on your way – no matter you are going to a local store, to the city or to the other side of the island. But drive your motorbike carefully and always remember about the surprising nature of local roads – especially in a rainy days. Better slowly – but surely…

Seaport An Thoi – This famous fish souse

People may tell you about strong fishy smell of An Thoi. The origin of this smell lies is in the prolonged technology of sauce preparation. By the way, they use for it this small fishy – anchovy. According to the secret sauce receipt the fish should be dried and then a bit fermented – and both processes pass out-of-doors! But we assure you, the fresh ocean breeze blow the unpleasant odor away from An Thoi! An Thoi, the largest seaport of the island, daily and nightly accepts different ships, mail boats, barges and brigantines with different important cargos for the islanders.

Dinh Cau via Youtube

National Park stream – In the shade of trees

When the summer heat turns the ocean’s water into hot milk – too warm and thick for swimming – all your dreams are about jumping into the icy, reviving fresh water. And this wonderful island offers you with this unique opportunity: the waterfalls. Two waterfalls, hidden in the jungle, are completely different. The first one, called «Small», is located on the outskirts of Duong Dong; the second waterfall – the «Big» – is on the opposite side. Local people, always in search of salubrious pleasures, often select the waterfalls for the small parties, romantic dates and picnics, happy to share their joy and carelessness with the tourists. We have noted, that in wintertime, the waterfalls dry up.

Ham Ninh village – Over the sea

Dried and jerked seafood, flavored liqueurs of the secret Uncle Ho’s recipe… the local market can offer even more exotic things – for the most brave and curious guests. In any case, there is always something interesting to catch. Feel the pleasure of the slow stroll along of the pier, watching the fishing boats melting in the hazy blue of the sea and always rushing locals moving on their motorbikes. But the pier is not only the contemplation place – this is the important connection point of the island. From this pier via the Haten city you can start your way to Cambodia… but more on that later)

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