Squid Fishing

Squid fishing in Phu Quoc

Squid fishing is one of the big industries on Phu Quoc, and tourists are welcome to try their hand at catching some of these strange animals. Since squid are best caught at night, fishermen head out after dark in their quest.

Squid fishing
Squid fishing

Lights are dropped in the water to attract the squid, like moths to a flame. An Australian female food blogger who participated in the hunt, Foraging Otaku, wrote: “Squid fishing intrigues me even more as the squid is such a curiously alien-like nocturnal creature with its flashing camouflage skin and suckered tentacles. Needless to say I was as excited as a giddy child going to the Easter Show when I got on the boat and couldn’t wait to start fishing for the critters.”

Besides, Phu Quoc people depend heavily on fishing for there livelihood and for the production of their famous fish sauce which is exported around the world. More than a favorite pastime, fishing in the gulf of Thai Land of Phu Quoc island is an interesting activity to enjoy a special day with friends or family. Our boat service will be pleased to cook your meal with the fish captured.