Restaurants in Phu Quoc island

Restaurant in Phu Quoc
Restaurant in Phu Quoc

– Banh canh cha ca (noodle soup with fish paste) – A popular restaurant located on streetside, if you like to sit and watch street while enjoying local flavors, it is an ideal place.

– Zen Restaurant – Fine dining located on 30/4 road. It offers dining setting in a garden, well-trained staffs and tasty food.

Buffet breakfast at Huong Bien Hotel – You can call the hotel to reserve breakfast buffet at this restaurant even if you do not rent a room here.

Restaurant in Phu Quoc
Restaurant in Phu Quoc

>> Chez Carole Duong Dong Restaurant


– Restaurant Kitchen Garden: Here is famous for herring salad and wine sipping forest sim. Before eating raw herring sure you remember to serve read to the mantra of herring salad offline! Apple should stay Garden restaurant in the daytime as at night here is far away from the deserted town center.

– Dinh Cau Night Market: Food rich with many restaurants close together, fresh fish and shrimp is next Ink fire embers. Enjoy a taste of the sea in your way.

Enjoy seafood
Enjoy seafood

Evening snacks

– Bread soup – 30 -04 Road – near Dinh Than Duong Dong
– Vermicilli – 30-04 Road – opposite the restaurant Zen
– Dinh Cau night market.
– Tea shop at Tran Hung Dao street
– Dumplings, milk bread, cakes, etc.. near the Nguyen Trung Truc – Bach Dang Street (ask local people for more information)