Winston’s Burgers & Beer

Winston’s Burgers & Beer

The name says it all: this bar is all about (really good) burgers, beer and a large selection of cocktails, mixed by the eponymous Winston. Linger for a chat or challenge your drinking companions to a game of Connect 4.

Winston’s Burgers & Beer is where you are in need of something non-Vietnamese, notable spots in town include, which serves the best burgers in town and is a great place to find an insider’s scoop into the island.

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Winston’s Burgers & Beer
Winston’s Burgers & Beer

Juicy fat American burgers, best in town. A good old-fashioned burger. And Winston’s didn’t disappoint. Spotty service, no credit cards accepted and a crappy exchange rate aside, the burgers were gourmet (blue cheese & bourbon BBQ sauces), and the fries were good.

Winston’s Burgers & Beer can be seen as a small club for people who love hamburgers and beer bread. The special hamburger bread with more flavor and very tasty. Diners often served with a cup of beer. If you do not want to sit in the house, diners can sit outside courtyard with wooden tables, wooden chairs. The cafe also has TV sports for customers to relax, interact with friends and have exciting moments.

Must try dishes

– Burgers

– Hamburger


Winston’s Burgers & Beer is located on the main tourist strip at 121/1 Tran Hung Dao, about 50m behind the Pagoda.