Paradise Beach Star

Paradise Star Beach1
Paradise Star Beach

Yards from the center of Sao Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang province about 25 kilometers of roads. But is dubbed “the way of suffering”, but the beach is the first star eyes, how to ensure your fatigue will quickly disappear.

On the way, you remember two years of war and Polygonum leaves grow full roadside. After being cooked up, this is the dish chilled beverages great sea.

Paradise Star Beach
Paradise Star Beach

Property and fine golden sand as nursery rugs, beach stars is the ideal place for those who prefer to have their skin exposed to sunlight rám.

More away, the more beautiful beaches: the extractor and blue chasms. You can stop at Robinson tent or hammock under the trees. Although the camp, but they are very comfortable equipped. You can stay overnight in tents, the sky full of stars.

Leper border grill tomorrow and alcohol Sim forest of Phu Quoc are two items you can not miss when you come here.